Devil's Rain
龍‐ЯYU‐ Q&A

Some mysterious indie visual kei mag, no doubt one of those handed out for free, decided to do a Q&A with Devil's Rain's vocalist, Ryu. Let's get to know him some more! ...Or will we? What's truth? What's a lie? Good luck!

●最初にコピーした曲は?/たぶんCannibal Corpseの曲

A translation was found on some tiny hidden crappily made western fansite:
●Name / Ryu
●Previous band(s) / secret
●Birthday / 0330
●Blood type / A
●Hometown / Nagoya
●Height,Weight / 5cm, 400kg
●Shoe size / 250
●Ring size / don't know
●Habitual phrases / motherfucker, fuck
●Favourite colour / blood red
●Tobacco brand / marlboro
●Favourite brand / don't know
●Favourite perfume to use / The smell of your blood
●Food you like / internal organs
●Food you hate / garbage
●Special skill: tongue
●What is your fetish? it would be too long, so i wont write it
●A present that made you happy / your body*
●A present you gave that made someone happy / cum
●Favourite type of the opposite sex / Doesn't matter if female or male, it's fine as long as they have a hole
●Type of opposite you don't like / Those girls who act overly cute, gross
●Favourite fashion for girls / Naked, chains
●Ideal date course / what is this stupid fucking question?
●Things girls do that make your heart race / what is this stupid fucking question?
●Treasured item? / Fan's hearts** and screams
●Do you have a pet? / All my fans
●Worries / I dont have any worries
●A time you felt happy/ what the fuck is "happy"?
●Who is the person you want to meet most right now / ed gein
●If you were given 3 wishes, what would you wish?
1. world dominance
2. to be euthanised
3. to erase it all
●The biggest prank you pulled on a bandmate / I buried a body under Reiji-kun's house
●A dream that left an impression on you / I often dream of being gruesomely murdered
●How do you pass your days off / I always sleep
●What type of room do you live in now? / A love hotel room
●First bought CD / That's so long ago I don't remember
●First live you went to / I went to some small death metal band's live
●What song did you first copy? / Probably some Cannibal Corpse song
●When did you first perform in front of people? / Aah, I think when I was 15. It was high school.
●What left an impression on you from your own lives? / the performance of "only mine"
●Of your own songs, which do you like best? / "only mine"
●Something that went wrong at a show / At one of my former band's lives, I vomitted on stage.
The front row wasn't pleased (lol)
●How to relieve stress / masturbation and fucking
●Motto / If you can't fuck it, kill it
●Words to yourself now / fuckin' idiot
●Words to yourself 10 years from now / you aren't dead yet?
●Future goals: serial killer
●A message to everyone:
If you come to our lives, thank you
If you don't come to our lives, go die

Translator notes:
*= written as 'mukuro' or dead body
**=written as the body part, not the figurative version

Writing © koutetsuhime, May 2022.