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    ‘Sorry I'm slow on updating this with news! Recently I learned that Daiki is not retired from music and that he's moved to Tokyo and is currently looking for band mates and participating in session bands. He's played in a few session bands with Juka, which thanks to a lovely friend of mine, is how I found out.

In some bad news, although Shagrath became an official member of IRODORI, the band announced they were breaking up last month, and their official kaisan (break-up) date is March 20th. Shagrath also said he'll no longer update his blog after the 20th as well. I'm really hoping he stays in music and joins a new band and starts a new blog; I rather enjoy reading his blog posts! Whenever he joins a new band (or if Daiki forms a new band) I'll be sure to update about it here.

We'll miss you, too, IRODORI. T_T

    ‘Daiki has announced that he's stopping his blog and personal site and semi-retiring from the scene (semi meaning he said that he hopes to return to the stage at some point in the future). And now some good news -- Shagrath is now support guitarist for Irodoi.

    ‘Aikaryu are releasing a DVD of their last live, entitled "kaisan de wa naku sotsugyou." It costs \3,990 and is approx. 110 minutes long and includes 16 songs! It is currently avaliable for pre-order at Brand-X (link) and Third Stage.

    ‘Teru is now officially a member of Versailles.

    ‘Aikaryu has disbanded as of 2007.07.15 @ Kyoto ARC DEUX

    ‘2007.06.29 Aikaryu BEST ALBUM sale
          œaikaryu CHOKKI ALBUM~oretachi BEST yori CHOKKI ha~
          œ14 Songs, 3360(tax in)
             01: Remember my brave
             02: nabanax
             03: Dragon?
             04: ƒ‰[ƒƒ“
             05: Zodiac Pain
             06: Indigo Blue Story
             07: ‹zŒŒ`—ν‚΅‚«“π‚ΜŒŒ`
             08: half
             09: ‘Ύ—z‚ͺ’Ι‚’‚ζ‚€ (taiyou ga itai you)
             10: Medical shower
             11: "RYUNEN" on the contrary
             12: ƒ”ƒ@ƒ“ƒpƒCƒA‚Ε–ž”t‚β! (VAMPIRE de manpai ya!)
             13: ƒtƒ@ƒCƒg (FIGHT)
             14: Happy End
          œBuy links: Brand-x, HMV

    ‘2007.05.02 TERU appears in the band Versailles! After an uproar from the Japanese fans, he explains in his blog that until Aikaryu's disbanding he will only be a support member. He will become an official member of Versailles after Aikaryu's last live is over.

    ‘2007.04.29 Aikaryu announces they will be disbanding on 07.15 at Kyoto ARC DEUX

    ‘2006.12.15 TERU starts working with HIZAKI Grace Project.

    # 2007.10.11: I keep forgetting to update this section! But I've been working on making the site better. I added lyrics for moumoku na kikeiji NO kaisenkyoku, nabanax, and RAAMEN. I just need lyrics for Mind...F and RUZERU to seidzuki now, but I've yet to find anyone with scans. I don't have much else to add right now, sadly.
    # 2007.08.19: Site renewal!! Still need to fix and add some information, but hey, sparkly new layout! :D
    # 2007.07.13: Updated lyrics with credits, updated news section, working on updating other sections as much as I can.
    # 2006.08.20~2007.07: A lot of updates have gone on without me updating this section, and many updates are still being done. Apologies for neglecting this page!! I'm working hard to make this the best Aikaryu fansite there is~
    # 2006.08.20: Website construction begins!™